Chipota Chiropractic
About the office

In March of 2021 Dr. Brea Schemenauer opened the doors of Chipota Chiropractic. Her passion is to serve her hometown community of Chippewa Falls, WI and impact lives through natural chiropractic care! She opened her own office to take a different approach to chiropractic.

When deciding on the name Chipota Chiropractic, Dr. Brea knew she wanted something unique and meaningful to her clinic. Fun fact, the house she grew up in on the Chippewa River used to be named Chipota Resort. This included a bar, cabins, and a wedding reception area! The name Chipota comes from a combination of Chippewa River and Lake Wissota. If you or your loved ones have any memories from Chipota Resort we would love to hear them!

Your First Visit
What to expect on your first day

On the first visit each patient will meet with Dr. Brea individually to go over their health history and any concerns that they may have. This will also help determine if chiropractic treatment is right for you. An exam will be done and each patient will get adjusted on their first visit if they choose.

 On the second visit we will go over your treatment plan recommendations based on your health history, exam, and how you responded to getting adjusted. Dr. Brea will provide her recommendations, but we will be working together to determine your best treatment plan and go over your health goals for the future.

 The following visits are shorter in length. This includes chiropractic adjustments, some active and passive stretching, manual muscle therapy, and Graston Technique.