A Patient-Centered Approach to Chiropractic Care
Lets get you back to feeling your best. Faster results and shorter recovery times

At Chipota Chiropractic, "Our mission is to provide a high quality patient-centered approach to care." This consists of chiropractic adjustments, Graston Technique, and customizable at-home exercise programs for each patient.

Work with the Doctor to decide the treatment plan that is best for YOU!

Functional Medicine at Chipota Chiropractic
Determine root cause approach of how and why your health conditions occurred

When working with a functional medicine practitioner this allows patients and practitioners to work in collaboration to determine underlying cause of illness and why it occurred. Based on your health history appropriate labs will be ordered and a customized treatment plan will be prescribed. This is based off the 3 body systems consisting of adrenal dysfunction (burnout, stress, fatigue), GI system, and the detox system. Possible treatments include lifestyle modifications such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management, and/or supplements to correct and repair the body systems.

Meet the Chiropractor
Brea Schemenauer, DC

Dr. Brea grew up in Chippewa Falls and is excited to be back serving the people of her hometown!

She graduated from Minnesota State University-Mankato with a degree in Exercise Science. Following graduation she attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN and received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

She has decided to continue her education by enrolling in the Institute for Functional Medicine and has incorporated functional medicine into her chiropractic practice.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends out on Lake Wissota or on the Old Abe bike trail!

How can Chipota Chiropractic help you?

Get Fast and Long Lasting Results
With the combination of adjustments, Graston, and exercises we get you feeling better faster!
Customized Treatment Plans
Every patient is different, so are your treatment plans!
Reach your Health Goals
Pain can hold you back from reaching your goals. Whether that is to return to the game faster or being able to pick up your grandkids again. We can help!
What others are saying about our office

"Dr. Brea at Chipota Chiropractic is amazing! She actually takes the time to listen to you and explains everything she is doing. She combines adjustments with soft tissue work to really get to the root of your problem. Doesn’t push unnecessary visits, just truly wants you to feel better. I would recommend her to anyone in the area!" -BA

"Dr. Brea really helped out my low back pain I got when I started working from home. She is one of the most passionate chiropractors and will give you home exercises to do as well to help speed up the healing process." -PZ

"Dr. Brea helped me with my foot and lower back pain. She uses a combination of techniques to really pinpoint and relieve the problem areas, and she also provides pointers on stretches and exercises I can do in between visits. Treatment is very personalized, and communication and scheduling is very easy."-KR

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